About the Commission for women

After completing a 1974 study on the status of women, the Alexandria City Council established the Commission for Women in order to eliminate gender discrimination and to encourage equal opportunity for women in all aspects of their lives. The Commission's members continue to provide advice and consultation to City Council on issues concerning women  now.

To contact the Commission for Women, send an email

 The Commission for Women is composed of 15 volunteers, appointed by City Council, and an Executive Director from City staff.  The Commission's initiatives include supporting awareness and outreach events, supporting the local domestic violence and sexual assault programs along with the Alexandria Campaign on Adolescent Pregnancy and preserving women's history.


Find out more about the Commission here. Follow the Commission on Facebook to stay current on updates.


about the friends

The Friends of the Alexandria Commission for Women was created in 2000 as a 501(c)(3) non-profit to raise and distribute funds for the Commission's social, cultural and educational programs. See our list of sponsors here. Follow the Friends on Facebook to learn about upcoming events and donation opportunities.

Board Members

  • Janet Barnett
  • Diane Crawford-Batt, Treasurer
  • Joan Dodaro, Secretary
  • Michele Evans
  • Delegate Charniele Herring
  • Lynn Jordan, Co-Chair
  • Susan Kellom
  • Laura Mandala
  • Pat Miller, Chair
  • Gretchen Wilkinson